6 Reasons Why Home Buyers Love a Home Fireplace

home fireplace

Did you know that storage and neutral colors are two things home buyers value most when they purchase a house? People want places to put their belongings; while bright colors are nice, neutrals are easier to coordinate.

A home fireplace is something else first time home buyers love to see inside their potential house. Home fireplaces may not seem like a big deal; after all, central heating is a thing.

But fireplaces are more than a convenient source of warmth for your house. Firstly, the kind of fireplace inside the residence matters. For example, a gas fireplace would have certain advantages over wooden units.

Regardless, home fireplaces are big sellers. If you’re a home seller (or buyer) and you’re curious why people love fireplaces, we’ve got six reasons below. Keep reading to find out why a home fireplace is a popular attraction.

1. Fireplaces Are Multifunctional

Technically, wood stoves are a type of home fireplace, but fireplaces are not wood stoves. A fireplace is typically built as a brick or metal unit. Wood stoves are devices constructed with pre-fabricated components.

A wood stove consists of fireboxes, ventilation pipes, and chimneys. We’re explaining this because while home buyers want fireplaces for their heat, these units can do more.

You can cook on top of your wooden stove. If you use the unit for this purpose, make sure you’ve got a nearby prep station, like a cart. Fireplaces (electric ones aside) also help your electric bill.

 2. Fire Places Can Be Convenient

The great thing about fireplaces is choosing whatever kind you’d like. There are three main types: wood (which includes wood stoves), gas, and electric units. People like fireplaces because they heat quickly and save money.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the pros and cons of each kind of home fireplace. While these units are ultimately great to have, their level of convenience differs.

A wood fireplace and stove have the second most accessible power source but will involve some work for home buyers. You’ll need wood to burn inside these units.

You have the option of chopping wood or purchasing fuel. First-time home buyers will have some complications with gas fireplaces as well. Getting gas takes less effort than wood, but you’ll have to buy fuel.

Some home buyers may find electric fireplaces the most convenient. Unlike wood and had units, electric fireplaces don’t need as much cleaning – there’s no creosote or soot to remove, just dust.

You can use your home’s electricity to power an electric unit also. Regardless of which unit you choose, you have the freedom to pick the type best suited for you.

3. Reduced Electricity Dependence

Wood and gas fireplaces operate with no electrical aid. A home buyer may be pleased to know that they’ll still have a heat source if the lights go out during the winter.

The effort to power a wood stove may be worth it if it means you can still cook and keep warm in a power outage. While an electric fireplace still uses your home’s power, gas and wood units do not.

As we said earlier, specific home fireplaces help your energy bill. Gas fireplaces are one less thing a home buyer needs to worry about using the electricity

4. Romantic and Relaxation Area

When selling a house, you must consider what a first time home buyer wants. A home fireplace is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Many home buyers may desire a fireplace unit to spend time with their families in a relaxed setting. Other people enjoy the atmosphere of fireplaces and may wish to use the area as a romantic date space.

Fireplaces Provide Great Ambiance and Aesthetics

One reason people like being near fireplaces is because of the ambiance. A home fireplace feels homey and cozy. Fireplaces also have enormous aesthetic appeal.

Home fireplaces are classy, sophisticated, and are good focal points to draw your eye inside a room. A fireplace is a great way to accomplish your goal if you want your home to stand out.

5. Fireplaces Have High Resale Value

A home buyer will pay plenty for a fireplace. Home fireplaces can garner as much as $12,000 in increased value. People enjoy fireplaces because they’re convenient and look fantastic.

Home buyers like wood fireplaces because they have an old-fashioned and cheery charm. Wood does pop and emits embers, but something is still appealing about the crackle of burning logs.

Gas fireplaces usually find their home in residences in the $450,000 range. They’re also easy to activate with just the flick of a switch and don’t have the same risks of house fires as wood.

However, electric fireplaces are the cheapest option and come with the perk of portability. You can put an electric fireplace anywhere in the home. Bedrooms, libraries, and living rooms are all viable areas for electric units.

6. You’ll Save On Heating Costs

One thing home buyers look for in houses is cost-effectiveness. No one wants to pay more than necessary for their new residence.

Many homes on the market have outdated HVAC systems that don’t work effectively. An ineffective HVAC unit is costly to run and may require expensive maintenance or repairs.

However, a fireplace helps save money because, depending on the type, you don’t need electricity. A home fireplace also warms relatively quickly, unlike a heater which may take some time to heat your house.

Fuel for wooden fireplaces is comparatively inexpensive next to an old heating system. You can get the wood for free or spend a few dollars buying fireplace timber elsewhere.

Interested in a Home Fireplace?

There are various reasons a home buyer would want a home fireplace in their new residence. Fireplaces may help save money on electrical bills and are areas where first time home buyers can spend time with loved ones.

Regardless of your reason for wanting a home fireplace, you still want someone you can trust to install the unit, right? Luckily, you can trust Dreifuss Fireplaces to handle the job.

If you want to purchase a unit installed in your home, contact Dreifuss Fireplaces today! Our 90+ years of experience will ensure you’ll be happy with the result.

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