The Benefits of Wall Fireplaces for Your Home

wall fireplaces

Did you know that living in cramped spaces can impact your health? Yes, according to psychology, living in such spaces can increase your stress and anxiety. So if you live in a smaller house, you need to make it as less crowded as possible.

But what if you want a fireplace or many? Then a traditional fireplace probably won’t do. Have you seen how massive those brick and/or stone numbers can get?

You probably want wall fireplaces instead. These pieces save a lot of space. And that’s not the only benefit that you can get from these pieces.

Read on to learn more.

What Are Wall Fireplaces?

Wall fireplaces are wall fireplaces that professionals mount onto or build into a wall. These units usually run on either gas or electricity, but other versions exist as well.

While wall fireplaces can have chimneys, they don’t have to. But even if you get a wall fireplace with a chimney, it’s likely that you won’t see it. Professionals may be able to fit your chimney inside your wall where you can’t see it.

How Are Wall Fireplaces Installed?

If you want a mounted wall fireplace, a contractor can hang one on your wall with brackets. This is the easiest and fastest process if your wall doesn’t have any indentations.

Inside a Wall

What if your wall has no indentations, and you want a fireplace that sits inside a wall? In such a situation, you’ll need a contractor to cut into your wall. Don’t worry; professionals know how to avoid any wires or pipes that may be in your wall.

Such a skill is the main reason why you shouldn’t try to cut into your wall on your own. You could cause damage to your home. Then you can end up having to pay several hundred dollars in repairs.

No Special Changes

Gas or electric wall fireplaces can easily hook into the gas or electrical connections that a home already has. There’s no need for any special modifications.

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Which Decor Matches a Wall Fireplace?

The ideal wall fireplace decor is minimalistic. For most units, you won’t get much more than a metal box, a fire, and a glass wall as far as fireplace design goes. So that makes them a perfect complement for minimalistic interior design.

Complex Decors

However, what if your home decor is more complex than minimalism? A wall fireplace can adapt to that. You can easily surround a wall fireplace with a mantel or fit it into an entertainment center.

Inside a Hearth

Also, if your home has a traditional fireplace, you don’t need to destroy it. A contractor can mount your wall fireplace inside the old hearth. But a custom fireplace may fit better in your home’s specific hearth.

Entertainment Center

You can also make a wall fireplace a charming part of your media center. The flames within a wall fireplace won’t leave the box. So you won’t have to worry about a wall-mounted fireplace causing your wooden entertainment center to burn down.

Other Benefits of Wall Fireplaces

So let’s recap here. A wall fireplace fits with any decor, is easily installed, and saves room. For what other reasons should you want to buy a wall fireplace?

No Need to Maintain

One of the big pains of traditional fireplaces is having to clean out the hearth and chimney. Real firewood produces a lot of ashes and black gunk, known as creosote. It’s important to clean the fireplace so that it keeps working properly.

This isn’t an issue with wall fireplaces. Most of them are gas and electric fireplaces. You don’t need to clean up any residue from these fireplaces.

You also don’t need to constantly refuel most wall-mounted fireplaces. A gas fireplace will get its fuel from your home’s gas line. An electric fireplace will get its energy from your home’s electrical connections.

Realistic Flames

True, you won’t get the same aesthetic from a wall fireplace that you would with a hearth fireplace. But manufacturers have made the fires in the two fireplaces look as similar as possible.

Gas fireplaces often have ceramic firewood pieces that look like the real thing. Electric fireplaces often display realistic flames as well. So you won’t miss too much if you make the switch from a hearth fireplace to a wall one.

Less Expensive

Building a traditional fireplace with a hearth and chimney can be expensive. A lot of materials are necessary to make this structure. You also need highly skilled contractors to build this type of fireplace.

This isn’t the case with a simple wall fireplace. It has fewer materials, and contractors need less skill to mount it or set it in a wall. So you should pay a lot less for this type of fireplace.


Most traditional fireplaces are dangerous. Stray sparks can end up burning the house down. Flames in a traditional fireplace can also burn any of the house’s occupants.

Wall fireplaces don’t have this issue. The ‘flames’ sit behind the protective glass. If the wall fireplace is electric, people won’t burn themselves on the protective glass.

The Best Fireplace for Your Home

Wall fireplaces can be great additions to anyone’s home. If you decide on this type of fireplace design, it should fulfill the needs of your home and more.

But it’s all right if a wall fireplace doesn’t fit your style. At Dreifuss Fireplaces, you have hundreds of types of fireplaces you can choose from. We can even create custom fireplaces that should fit your needs and wants exactly.

Get a free price estimate for the fireplace of your dreams on this page.

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