7 Benefits of Owning a Traditional Fireplace

traditional fireplace

Fireplaces were first developed in the Middle Ages. Medieval builders built chimneys that would allow smoke to escape from homes and castles. Eventually, they found the correct fireplace shape, depth, etc.

Fireplaces have come a long way since then. You don’t have to have a traditional fireplace that burns wood in your home. There are plenty of simpler gas and electric fireplace models available.

But maybe you want a traditional fireplace. Old isn’t always bad. Plenty of people have decided to keep the traditional fireplaces their homes came with.

Many have installed traditional fireplaces in their homes. People know why traditional fireplaces can be a good idea. There are many benefits to this fireplace design.

Read on to learn more.

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1. Eco-Friendly (Somewhat)

You’ve probably seen a traditional fireplace if you’ve looked at old photos, drawings, or movies. They’re the type built of stacked brick or stone. You have to place firewood inside these fireplaces and light them to start a fire.

Most of the more modern fireplaces don’t have a complex design. All that most gas and electricity-powered fireplaces need is a metal box and a glass window. They also only need homeowners to flick a switch to create a fire.

But in gaining this convenience, you may also harm the Earth. Burning wood does put some carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But the amount of damage that fossil fuels do to the environment is worse.

Mining Causes Damage

Remember that miners have to dig into the Earth to gather oil, gas, and coal. When they do this, they must destroy the existing environment. Plus, abandoned mines can pollute the environment with toxic chemicals.

And oil spills can also cause terrible damage to the environment around them. So if you want a fireplace that’s as eco-friendly as possible, a wood fireplace is probably the best choice.

2. Lower Energy Bills

Are you getting tired of your high energy bills? If so, a fireplace can help you save on this cost. You won’t need to turn on your heater when you’ve got a great fire going.

In addition, you won’t need to pay for the cost of light at night. The natural glow of a fireplace can be enough for you to see at night.

Firewood Is Fairly Cheap

Yes, you’ll have to pay for the firewood. But this can be a lot cheaper than you may think. It’ll be even cheaper if you can just go into the forest to chop firewood.

Just be careful when you’re choosing firewood. Not all tree species produce great firewood.

3. A Great Garden

Do you have a garden? If so, a wood-burning fireplace can help make your garden incredibly fruitful. It produces one of the best fertilizers in the world: ash.

Ashes Make Plants Healthy

After cleaning their fireplaces, many people sprinkle the ashes they collect into their gardens. Ashes have plenty of natural minerals. These can boost the health of trees and flowers.

Ashes Deter Garden Pests

Plus, wood ash also deters pests such as snails and slugs. So your plants won’t get snacked on if you throw ashes on them.

4. Great for Survival

Oh no, there’s been a natural disaster in your area. Your gas and electricity have gone out and it’s cold. How are you going to survive?

Fire Keeps You Safe

A traditional wood fireplace can be the key to your survival. It can keep you and your family warm. It can also provide you all with warm meals.

It will be easy for everyone to stay comfortable and wait for the gas and electricity to come back on.

5. Sounds and Smells

Modern-day gas and electric fireplaces can imitate the look of traditional fireplaces fairly well. Manufacturers have created ceramic fireplace logs that can mimic those that a traditional fireplace would have. But gas and electric fireplaces cannot mimic the sounds and smells of a traditional fireplace.

Relax With Your Fireplace

These are one of the major benefits of fireplaces like these. The sound of crackling wood and burning smells are part of the reason why fireplaces can be so relaxing. Many people just don’t want to have a fireplace that lacks these sensory experiences.

6. Beautiful Look

For many people, all this modern, contemporary, and minimalistic interior design isn’t enough. They want their home to look more opulent and traditional. This is part of the reason why traditional interior designs have become so popular.

A traditional fireplace can fit right in with decors such as these. People instantly think of older times when they see a brick fireplace. If you want something more decorative, you can get a mantel and legs made of carved wood.

7. Increase Home Value

Do you plan on selling your home shortly? If so, a traditional fireplace could be for you. It can increase the value of your home.

Many potential homebuyers should know of the benefits of having a wood fireplace. They can also admire the beauty of the piece. These factors should make them willing to pay more for your home.

Get a Traditional Fireplace

So get a traditional fireplace if you want to help the Earth and feel far more relaxed. This fireplace type is also a great complement to several different traditional styles of interior design. If that’s what you want and/or need, know that this type of fireplace is perfect for you.

But maybe you don’t want a traditional fireplace. Maybe you want a gas or electric fireplace instead. If you’re in New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, we can help you.

At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we’ve served our area for over a century. Check out our products on this page.

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