7 Linear Fireplace Ideas That Will Light Up Your Space

linear fireplace ideas

There are more than 17 million fireplaces in homes all across the country bringing extra warmth to the spaces.

It used to be that you could only have a fireplace if it was added when the home was originally built or if you underwent a major renovation. Luckily, this isn’t the case anymore with a large selection of options. Linear fireplaces have become huge in home design because of their ease of installation and the beauty they bring.

When adding a fireplace, you want to make sure you’re going to love it for years to come. Check out these linear fireplace ideas as you develop a design plan for your new addition!

1. Integrate Storage

While adding a fireplace to your home is a way to bring beauty to the space, it can also add a lot of function if done correctly.

The fireplace creates a focal point where you can easily integrate more storage. Instead of simply having the fireplace stand-alone, consider creating a whole built-in system of shelves or cabinets surrounding the box itself. This not only makes the space more useful but also helps the fireplace make a statement.

Built-in storage always elevates a space to feel more high-end and custom. The whole vibe of your room can change with these additions to make it something special for your family.

2. Consider a Double-Sided Fireplace

If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out, you definitely need to look into double-sided fireplaces.

These fireplaces have glass on both sides of the firebox, so the flames can be seen from both sides of the wall. Traditionally, this type of fireplace has been saved for swanky hotels or modern restaurants. Now, you can have this luxury right in your own home with little more work than a single-sided option.

The key to making this kind of addition successful you’ll need to be sure the rooms where the fireplace will be located make sense with each other. For example, having this connection between a dining and living room makes sense whereas a kitchen and office might not work as well.

3. Give it Texture

Fireplace design has a lot more to it than simply choosing the box and the insert itself. For maximum impact, you’ll want to make the whole surrounding area special.

An easy, classic way to do that is to add some texture to the walls. This can be done by integrating paneling, shiplap, or interesting molding into the area above the fireplace. You can make that feature a statement just around the fireplace or keep it going around the whole room. It can feel extra cozy to wrap the whole area together.

4. Bring in Modern Tile Choices

Traditionally, a focal point fireplace has a tile surround as a piece of the mantle. This tile can be as simple or bold as you’d like to suit your personal preferences. It’s a great way to bring in a little personality without the huge commitment other design choices take.

Tile can be switched out and updated fairly easily, so it’s also a great place to have a little fun and try something new. Check out the current tile trends to see what catches your eye. And if you end up not liking the tile in a few years, you can swap it for something else. As long as you love your fireplace insert, this will be a quick easy change.

5. Add it To an Unexpected Place

Most fireplaces are located in the living room of the home and occasionally the dining room in higher-end homes. When you consider adding a fireplace to your home, think of an unexpected place to install it.

Think about where you do your relaxing or where you like to cuddle up with your loved ones, these places would benefit from a fireplace. A bathroom or bedroom fireplace can make even your most used rooms feel deluxe and special.

These unexpected places should also be functional to ensure that you love your addition and utilize it.

6. Keep it Classic

For many years, homeowners have been experimenting with changing the inside of their fireboxes. They’ve added ceramic globes, crystals, or large rocks for the flames to come out of instead of the traditional logs. Recently, there has been a shift back to more classic shapes and styles.

And since they have been less common in recent years, they feel fresh and new again!

As you’re developing your overall fireplace design, you have to consider the inserts and all the small details. They work together to bring the whole look to life!

7. Be Bold

There are only so many places in your home where you can make a big statement that is the focal point of a room. A fireplace is a perfect place to make a bold choice that is unexpected and exciting.

This could be done by choosing a unique color that isn’t found in the rest of the room and applied from the floor to the ceiling. You could integrate the fireplace itself into a major wall installation that is architectural. Or you could make it oversized to take up a large portion of the wall.

All of these choices will help your fireplace be a truly amazing design element of your home.

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Linear Fireplace Ideas to Add to Your Home

Checking out these linear fireplace ideas can help you find the perfect option for your home. You can create a custom look that fits your design style and brings you joy every day.

Working with a fireplace professional is also helpful when deciding on a specific model. They can help take your design ideas and find the fireplace that’s going to bring the whole look together. Not to mention handling all the small details that go along with this type of installation as well!

Our team has expert knowledge of all of the most popular fireplaces and can help answer any questions you may have! Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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