Stay Warm and Cozy with the DVAG11L: Ashley Hearth’s Efficient 11,000 BTU Propane Wall Heater!

Product Description

The DVAG11L by Ashley Hearth is a versatile and efficient solution for zoned heating. This direct vent propane wall heater offers clean, comfortable heat with an 11,000 BTU input, designed to warm up to 375 sq. ft.

Product Features

Space-saving direct vent design
Adjustable vent assembly for walls 4-1/2 to 10 inches thick
Sealed gas flame for clean and safe heating
Combustion air drawn from outside for improved air quality
Continuous circulation for consistent warmth
No room air used for combustion, keeping windows and doors closed

Product Specifications

Model: DVAG11L
Heating Capacity: Up to 375 sq. ft.
BTU Input: 11,000
Dimensions: Assembled Width 17.36″, Assembled Depth 6.61″, Assembled Height 20″

Installation Options

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Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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limited warranty

Product Highlights

The DVAG11L by Ashley Hearth is a top-of-the-line propane wall heater, offering 11,000 BTUs of efficient and clean heat for spaces up to 375 sq. ft. Its space-saving direct vent design allows for easy installation on exterior walls, with an adjustable vent assembly for versatility. The sealed gas flame ensures safety by keeping combustion separate from room air, providing a consistently warm and comfortable environment. With thoughtful features like drawing combustion air from outside, this heater promotes excellent indoor air quality.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ashley Hearth Company Overview:
Ashley Hearth, a division of the renowned U.S. Stove Company, has been a leading provider of innovative heating solutions since its inception. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and value, Ashley Hearth designs and engineers products in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. The company’s global reach ensures a diverse range of components sourced domestically and internationally, all assembled to meet the highest standards. Keeping homes warm since 1869, Ashley Hearth remains dedicated to providing reliable heating solutions for households worldwide.


Q: Is the DVAG11L suitable for zoned heating?
A: Yes, the DVAG11L is designed for zoned heating and can efficiently warm up to 375 sq. ft.

Q: What fuel type does the DVAG11L use?
A: The DVAG11L operates on propane, providing a clean and efficient heating solution.

Q: Can the vent assembly be adjusted to fit different wall thicknesses?
A: Absolutely, the adjustable vent assembly accommodates walls ranging from 4-1/2 to 10 inches thick.

Q: Does the DVAG11L use room air for combustion?
A: No, the sealed gas flame ensures that combustion is entirely separate from room air, promoting clean and safe heating.

Q: What is the BTU input of the DVAG11L?
A: The DVAG11L has an 11,000 BTU input for effective and powerful heating.

Q: What kind of warranty does the DVAG11L come with?
A: The warranty information can be found in the product specifications section or by contacting the manufacturer.

Q: Can the DVAG11L be installed on any exterior wall?
A: The DVAG11L is designed for exterior wall installation; however, specific clearances and cavity measurements should be considered. Refer to the product specifications for details.

Q: Is the DVAG11L suitable for continuous use?
A: Yes, the DVAG11L is designed for continuous circulation, providing consistent warmth when needed.

Q: Can I install the DVAG11L myself, or do I need professional installation?
A: Installation instructions are provided in the product manual. While some users may choose to install it themselves, professional installation is recommended for optimal performance.

Q: Does the DVAG11L come with a thermostat for temperature control?
A: The DVAG11L may or may not come with a thermostat. Check the product features or contact the manufacturer for specific details.

Q: Can the DVAG11L be used as a primary heating source for larger spaces?
A: The DVAG11L is designed for spaces up to 375 sq. ft. For larger areas, additional heating sources may be needed.

Q: Is the DVAG11L suitable for residential and commercial use?
A: The DVAG11L is primarily designed for residential use but may be suitable for some commercial applications. Verify with local regulations and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the DVAG11L for optimal performance?
A: Refer to the product manual for cleaning and maintenance instructions. Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance.

Q: Can the DVAG11L be used in mobile homes?
A: Always check local regulations and manufacturer guidelines. Some models may be suitable for mobile homes, but it’s essential to confirm compatibility.

Q: What safety features does the DVAG11L have?
A: The DVAG11L includes safety features such as a sealed gas flame and combustion air drawn from outside to ensure safe and clean heating.

Q: How can I find a dealer near me to purchase the DVAG11L?
A: Use the dealer locator on the official Ashley Hearth website or contact the manufacturer for assistance in finding a nearby dealer.

Q: Can the DVAG11L be used during a power outage?
A: The DVAG11L typically requires a power source for ignition. Consider alternative heating solutions for power outage scenarios.

Q: Is the DVAG11L energy-efficient?
A: The energy efficiency of the DVAG11L may vary. Check the product specifications or contact the manufacturer for specific details.

Q: Are replacement parts available for the DVAG11L?
A: Yes, replacement parts are typically available. Check with authorized dealers or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Q: Can I use the DVAG11L with natural gas instead of propane?
A: The DVAG11L is designed for use with propane. Using natural gas may not be safe or compatible. Refer to the product specifications for fuel requirements.

Q: Does the DVAG11L come with a digital thermostat for precise temperature control?
A: Check the product features or specifications for details on whether the DVAG11L includes a digital thermostat.

Q: What makes the DVAG11L a reliable heating solution?
A: The DVAG11L is known for its sealed gas flame, zoned heating capability, and efficient design, providing reliable warmth in a clean and safe manner.