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Find out what a stunning commercial gas fireplace can do for your business in Philadelphia and beyond. 

Upgrade Your Establishment With a Stunning Gas Fireplace

If you are a business owner in the Philadelphia area, you know how challenging it can be to stand out from the crowd, especially if you are in the restaurant or hospitality industry. You need to create the perfect ambiance for your customers, so they feel welcomed and at home. Investing in a commercial gas fireplace is one of the best ways to create a warm and inviting space that your guests will want to return to.

At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we can help you design and install a custom gas fireplace tailored to your business. If you are ready to learn more about commercial gas fireplace installation, contact us today to get a quote or stop by our 5,000-square-foot showroom in Philadelphia.

Create a Space Your Guests Will Never Want to Leave

There are so many reasons to invest in a gas fireplace for your business, but the most important is that it encourages your guests to linger. Whether they are waiting for a table, having drinks near an outdoor gas fireplace, gambling at your casino, or relaxing at your hotel, they are much more likely to stay longer if they are enjoying the warmth and ambiance of a nice fire.

Boost Revenue at Your Establishment

When your guests spend more time at your establishment, they also tend to spend more money. This means more revenue for your business while serving the same number of customers. Your customers are also more likely to remember your establishment and continue to visit it, meaning more repeat business. 

Leave a Lasting Impression

When you have a memorable establishment with exceptional service, your customers will be eager to share that experience with others. We can help you create an exquisite commercial gas fireplace that your clients will want to enjoy with their friends and loved ones.  

Modern or Traditional: We Do It All

Gas fireplaces are extremely versatile and come in a wide range of styles for any business. While we do offer traditional gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts, we can also create unique and modern spaces. Learn more about our design options. 

Traditional Gas Fireplaces

Are you looking for a fireplace that mimics the appearance of a wood-burning fireplace with a mantle? We can help you design a stone or brick gas fireplace that creates a warm and cozy vibe at your business. 

Modern Gas Fireplaces

Whether you are looking for clean lines and a simple design or an edgier feel, we’ve got you covered. Our modern gas fireplaces look great in any space, including lounges, waiting rooms, hotels, and more. 

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Do you have an outdoor bar or lounge area? An outdoor gas fireplace is a great way to encourage your guests to hang out. A fireplace is also a great way to heat your outdoor spaces in the cooler months, so you can use them all year round. 

Custom Gas Fireplaces

One of the benefits of gas firepits is that we can create unique designs that add visual interest to any space. We can install gas fireplace inserts in tables, enclose them in glass for safety, create two-sided fireplaces in walls, and more. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Why Choose a Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces make an excellent addition to any space, as they are versatile, come in hundreds of design options, and don’t require a chimney. Continue reading to find out if a gas fireplace is right for your establishment. 

Safe Operation

When it comes to your business, we know that liability is one of your top priorities. Gas fireplaces give you the option of installing a completely enclosed system that is cool to the touch. Many of our systems are also vented to protect your indoor air quality. 

Easy to Use

Gas fireplaces can be turned on with a switch or remote, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling with logs, lighters, or other materials. This also makes them safer for your staff than wood-burning fireplaces. 

Easy Installation

Because gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney, they are much more affordable than wood-burning fireplaces, and we can install them much faster. This means minimal downtime in your business and a better ROI. 

Energy-Efficient & Sustainable

Gas fireplaces are also a great way to reduce your energy bills during the colder months as they are typically energy efficient and don’t require you to use logs. This reduces the number of trees that need to be cut down. 

How Our Commercial Fireplace Services Work

Step 1: Request a Consultation

During our consultation, we’ll go over what you are looking for and show you your options. Then, we’ll design a custom solution for you. 

Step 2: The Installation Process

Our team will work quickly to install your new gas fireplace without sacrificing quality. We are committed to the highest safety standards and adhere to all federal and national requirements. 

Step 3: Show Off Your New Fireplace

After your new gas fireplace is installed, you can invite all your customers to enjoy your new addition. Contact us today to begin.

Serving Delaware Valley Since 1876

At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we have more than 150 years of experience installing high-quality fireplaces for homes and businesses in the Delaware Valley area. Our commercial gas fireplace installers are all highly trained and certified to handle any job. We also work with all the leading manufacturers to ensure quality, durability, and safe operation. 

How Much Do Our Commercial Gas Fireplaces Cost?

The cost of your gas fireplace will depend on your chosen system and installation. However, we work with all the top manufacturers to ensure excellent pricing on our systems. 

Find Out What a Commercial Gas Fireplace Can Do for Your Business

Are you ready to create an unforgettable experience for your customers? Contact us today or visit our showroom in Philadelphia to explore all our commercial gas fireplace options. 

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