Creative Ways to Accessorize Your Custom Fireplace

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Choosing the contractor for your custom fireplace is only the first step in incorporating a new fireplace into your existing home. Once that fireplace is installed, it will become a focal point of the room.

Not only do fireplaces draw the eye but they also inspire people to sit down and get cozy. While the crackling fire or flickering flames will create plenty of ambiance on its own, you’ll still want to dress up the space around it.

Today, we’re going to talk about fireplace design and the accessories you can use to bring your new fireplace to life. From art to florals, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover great custom fireplace ideas that will inspire your inner interior designer.

Start With Art

Art is a great way to reveal your taste, tie together your color concepts, and improve your overall sense of well-being. The best part is that art, whether DIY or professional, comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs, making it easy to find the piece that aligns with your own unique aesthetic. Take a quick look at a few ways you can style art above your custom fireplace for a stunning effect.

A Single Showstopper

If you prefer a simple, clutter-free look, you can transform your custom fireplace with a single painting or print. The key is to consider scale, selecting a piece of art that doesn’t look too small or too large in comparison to your mantle.

For best results, make sure that the length of the piece is no less than two-thirds the length of the mantle. Center the piece over the mantle, either wall mounting it or resting it against the mantle and wall.

Creating Symmetry

Another simple, clutter-free look that has a bit more versatility involves two or three pieces of art hung symmetrically. Once again, you should consider scale, choosing sizes that are easy to see from across the room but don’t make your fireplace look small.

Even spacing and straight lines are a must with this look. Use a ruler and level to make sure that nothing is out of place. Once again, you can rest these pieces on the mantle rather than hanging them, but they may benefit from the added height as smaller pieces.

Going Gallery

What if you have several smaller pieces or mismatched pieces that you’re hoping to display? This is where the classic gallery look comes in handy. Creating a gallery wall above your fireplace is a great way to capture attention and display a wide variety of art in one place.

Start by laying the art in various configurations on the floor or creating a schematic. Gallery walls don’t require symmetry or perfect measurements, but you will want to make sure that you’re satisfied with how the pieces fit together. Keep in mind that gallery walls need to be wall-mounted, as some pieces need to be higher than others to achieve that gallery look.

Sprinkle in Decor

Once you’ve placed or hung your works of art, it’s time to add in decor. Around a custom fireplace, you can put decor on the mantle, the hearth, or off to the sides of your fireplace. Always make sure that items are not close to an open flame and won’t melt from the heat.

Classic Fireplace Decor

Combining both modern and traditional fireplace ideas has become increasingly popular with homeowners today. Even if you have a gas or electric fireplace that doesn’t require any tools to operate, it can still contribute to that cozy vibe to incorporate those classic tools into your design.

This can include things like ornate fireplace screens, baskets of logs, and a fireplace tool set never look out of place around a fireplace, no matter the type. Metals like iron can blend well with both rustic and modern design styles and create a homey atmosphere.

Home Decor

If your custom fireplace has a mantle, you’re looking at the perfect opportunity to do some styling with home decor. This can include things like picture frames, vases, statuettes, candle holders, and even decorative books. It can also include fun and funky tchotchkes or collectibles you want to display.

Unless you’re going for a maximalist style, the goal is to avoid overcrowding your mantle. Sprinkle in home decor so that it draws the eye up toward the art, rather than blocking it. Layer larger pieces of decor behind smaller pieces and don’t be afraid to rearrange and play around until you’ve struck the balance you’re looking for.

Natural Touches

No matter your design style, from minimalist to classic to maximalist, there’s always room for plants and flowers. By adding plants and flowers to your fireplace design, you create visual texture and enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature. Add small plants and vases to your mantle or frame your hearth with large planters.

Cut flowers can add a pop of color and allow you to make seasonal changes throughout the year, though you will need to stay on top of switching out dead flowers for fresh ones. Houseplants, when taken care of, can last for years before needing replacement—although you’ll want to make sure your plants are safe for your pets before bringing them indoors. If you want the look without the hassle, consider fake plants and flowers that will never go bad on you.

Come to Dreifuss for Your Custom Fireplace

Once you’ve installed your new custom fireplace, it’s time to implement some custom interior design. Fireplaces have a knack for drawing the eye and with this guide, you can make sure that there’s plenty to admire while you curl up by the fire.

Have you yet to settle on your custom fireplace? Dreifuss Fireplaces is here to help. Contact us today to request your free fireplace estimate.

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