Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit

Elevate Your Space with Linear Elegance: Explore the Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit by EcoSmart Fire

Product Description

Experience mesmerizing flames and contemporary design with the Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this sleek and efficient fire pit adds a touch of sophistication to any environment

Product Features

Streamlined and stylish design
Dual flames powered by ethanol burners
Complete design freedom for easy installation on various surfaces
Eco-friendly and efficient, heating over 120 square meters
Smokeless flame for a clean, enjoyable experience
Quality materials for durability indoors or outdoors
Easy 3-step installation with bio-ethanol fuel, no wires, pipes, or chimney needed
Thoroughly tested and certified to global standards

Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit

Product Specifications

Length: 2287mm [90in]
Width: 431mm [17in]
Height: 308mm [12.1in]
Weight: 72.70kg [160lb]
Application: Indoor & Outdoor
Materials: Mild Steel & Toughened Glass
Colors: Comes with Black Glass Charcoal as decorative media
Fuel Efficiency: 9L volume capacity, heats on average 60m2 (646ft2), burn time 8-13h

Installation Options

Suitable for various non-combustible surfaces, including stone countertops, concrete surfaces, brick, and tiled tops

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application



Limited warranty

Product Highlights

EcoSmart Fire’s Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit brings contemporary elegance with its streamlined design, dual mesmerizing flames, and easy installation on various surfaces. Eco-friendly and efficient, it offers a smokeless flame for a clean experience, making it ideal for year-round enjoyment indoors and outdoors. Tested to global standards, this fire pit kit ensures quality, durability, and a sophisticated ambiance in any space.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

EcoSmart Fireplaces, a part of the MAD Design Group, is a leading innovator in the fireplace industry. Renowned for their commitment to eco-friendly and stylish heating solutions, EcoSmart Fireplaces offer a range of bioethanol fireplaces designed for both residential and commercial spaces. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and contemporary design, EcoSmart Fireplaces redefine the way we experience and enjoy fires.


Q: How is the Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit powered?
A: The Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit is powered by bio-ethanol burners.

Q: Can it be used both indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes, the fire pit kit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: What is the burn time of the fire pit?
A: The burn time ranges from 8 to 13 hours, depending on flame size and fuel capacity.

Q: Is the flame smokeless?
A: Yes, unlike traditional wood fire pits, our products produce no smoke.

Q: What materials are used in the construction?
A: The Linear 90 Fire Pit Kit is constructed with mild steel and toughened glass.

Q: Does it come with accessories?
A: Yes, it includes accessories like XL Baffles, Black Glass Charcoal, L1080 Fire Screen, and more.

Q: Can it be installed on any surface?
A: It can be easily installed on various non-combustible surfaces, including stone countertops and concrete.

Q: What warranty is offered?
A: Warranty details can be found in the warranty section of the product page.

Q: Is the fuel eco-friendly?
A: Yes, the fire pit runs on bio-ethanol, a renewable and clean-burning energy source.

Q: Can I adjust the flame size?
A: The flame size can be adjusted based on the model.

Q: Are there installation options for custom setups?
A: Yes, the design allows for creative installations on different surfaces.

Q: How do I clean the fire pit?
A: Follow the maintenance instructions in the Burner Manual provided.

Q: Is there a minimum room size requirement?
A: Minimum room size requirements are outlined in the product manual.

Q: Can I use any ethanol fuel?
A: We recommend using e-NRG bioethanol fuel for optimal performance and safety.

Q: Can it be used as a room divider?
A: Yes, the sleek design makes it suitable for use as a room divider.

Q: How does it compare to gas heaters in terms of heat output?
A: The heat output is similar to gas, but with a more gentle and softer heat.

Q: Can I purchase accessories separately?
A: Yes, accessories like the XL900 Burner Cover can be purchased separately.

Q: Does it come with clearances and installation information?
A: Yes, detailed clearances and installation information are provided in the product manual.

Q: Can I use the fire pit in high-rise buildings?
A: Yes, it is suitable for use in various settings, including high-rise buildings.

Q: Where can I purchase e-NRG bioethanol fuel?
A: e-NRG bioethanol fuel can be purchased at with fast and free shipping.