Electric Fireplaces: What is a 3-Way Fireplace?


Fireplaces are a great addition to almost any home. They look lovely, help with heating, and even have the potential to raise the value of the home by 12 percent. However, not all fireplaces are the same, there are many different types out there.

One of the most striking of these is a 3-way fireplace. This unique type of fireplace really makes a statement and serves as an energetic feature of any room they are a part of. Read on to find out more about these electric fireplaces and to find out if they are for you.

What Is a 3-Way Fireplace?

Usually, the typical electric fireplace only has one side to it. This means that the fireplace is built into the wall and there is a single pane of glass separating the fireplace from the rest of the room. When people think of a fireplace, this is the type of fireplace they typically think of.

A three-way fireplace changes things up. 3-way fireplaces are also usually built into a wall. However, the way they are displayed is different.

Some extend out of the wall through the use of additional glass panes on both sides. This forms a square or a rectangle, where the portion of the fireplace in the wall is one side and the other three sides are glass panes. By doing this, the fireplace becomes more of a centerpiece and actually extends into the room itself.

Other types of 3 way fireplaces are still built into a wall but are specifically built into the end of a dividing or partition wall. In this case, the sides flush with the end of the wall and both sides of the wall are glass, while the wall itself covers the side inside the wall. These types of fireplaces essentially cap the end of the wall with a fireplace.

In either situation, 3-way fireplaces are more dynamic than traditional fireplaces. They are also able to be viewed from multiple angles.

Advantages of 3-Way Electric Fireplaces

So, why would someone want a fireplace like this? Well, the main benefits that come from 3-way fireplaces are aesthetic.

As mentioned above, 3-way fireplaces are a dramatic twist on a classic fixture. Fireplaces have been around since the early days of humanity and electric fireplaces have been around since 1912. Their age and prevalence have led to them being less exciting and more generic.

3-way fireplaces change up this dynamic. By presenting something stable and familiar in a new way, they immediately draw the eye. This benefit, on its own, makes them worthwhile to many homeowners.

However, 3-way fireplaces aren’t just good because they are different. They also manage to look great on their own.

Any type of 3-way fireplace helps bring the fireplace closer to its intended audience. In doing so, it becomes more of a centerpiece than a traditional fireplace could. In rooms where the fireplace is designed to draw the eye, this is a big benefit.
3-way fireplaces also have some aesthetic benefits that are still practical. A 3-way fireplace has more viewing angles so, in large rooms, they are more visible. In addition, they are visible from both sides of rooms separated by partitions.

When it comes to actually heating a room, there aren’t necessarily any heating advantages to a 3-way fireplace. So, people looking into an electrical fireplace to simply have an electric fireplace heater will not get any practical benefits.

However, 3-way fireplaces are often larger than their counterparts, as they are able to extend out in ways that regular fireplaces cannot. In these cases, they do end up producing more heat, as a larger fireplace will obviously produce more heat than a smaller one.

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Places That Benefit From 3-Way Fireplaces

While many rooms have the potential to benefit from a 3-way fireplace, some places benefit more than others.

As already mentioned, 3-way fireplaces are a great addition to rooms where a fireplace is the centerpiece. Imagine a ski lodge or a cozy cabin where everyone gathers around the fireplace at the end of a long, cold day. In the case of a 3-way fireplace, everyone is able to gather around it more comfortably than ever before.

In addition, a 3-way fireplace is a great choice in rooms with a dividing or partition wall. In these cases, the fireplace has obvious benefits, many of which are touched on above. However, it is necessary to weigh a 3-way fireplace against a two-sided fireplace.

A two-sided fireplace is typically built into the middle of the wall but is still able to be seen from both sides of the wall. So, if the fireplace would work better on the wall’s end cap, a 3-way fireplace will work better, but if the fireplace would work better in the middle of the wall, a two-sided fireplace is the better choice.

3-way fireplaces are also a great choice when it comes to commercial fireplaces. We already discussed how well they fit into a ski lodge but they serve a similar function in any business dealing with cold weather. Plus, in any commercial setting where a striking fireplace design is necessary, a 3-way fireplace will easily serve this purpose.

Is a 3-Way Fireplace Right For You?

A 3-way fireplace functions similarly to most electric fireplaces. However, its place in the room and the fact that it can be viewed from multiple angles set it apart. Adding one to a home makes a bold statement and is a wonderful twist on a classic setting.

If 3-way fireplaces or any other type of fireplace interests you, make sure to contact Dreifuss Fireplaces to see how they can help you.

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