How to Choose a Modern Linear Fireplace

modern linear fireplace

Would you like to install a custom fireplace in a home or business without having to devote too much space to it? Then you should strongly consider going with a modern linear fireplace as opposed to a traditional fireplace that has a bulky mantel.

A modern fireplace like this will feature clean lines and a minimalist design that will add a touch of class and elegance to any room. This kind of contemporary fireplace will also require very little maintenance and will make it easy to control the temperature in a home or business.

Before you invest in a modern linear fireplace, though, you’ll need to give some thought to which one you’d like to buy. Not every luxury fireplace that is a linear fireplace will look the same.

Here is a guide on how to choose the right modern linear fireplace for your home or business.

Decide Where to Put a Modern Linear Fireplace

One of the best parts about installing a modern linear fireplace as opposed to other types of fireplaces is that you can put one almost anywhere you want. Whether you’re looking for a fireplace for the living room in a home or the lobby of a hotel, a modern linear fireplace will be perfect.

You will, however, need to choose where you’re going to install a modern linear fireplace prior to doing anything else. This is going to affect everything from how big the fireplace will be to what you’ll be able to put around it.

In some cases, you’ll also have the option to install a modern fireplace so that it’s flush up against a wall or even double-sided. But you will need to decide to do this early on in the planning process so that you can pick out the appropriate custom fireplace.

Figure Out How Big a Modern Linear Fireplace Will Be

There are some modern linear fireplaces that will be small enough to fit in tight corners. There are others that can stretch all the way across a wall to really make a strong statement.

Your job is going to be to figure out how large you’d like a modern fireplace to be. It’s why you should decide where it’ll go first so that you have some flexibility as far as size is concerned.

The beauty of building a custom fireplace from the ground up is that you can get it to fit your needs when it comes to size. You should take full advantage of this by picking a good place to put it and then tinkering with the sizes you can choose.

Settle on an Electric or Gas Modern Linear Fireplace

There are two main types of modern linear fireplaces that you can install in a home or business. You can go with either an electric modern fireplace or a gas modern fireplace.

Here are the benefits of choosing an electric modern linear fireplace:

  • They’re very easy to turn on and off
  • They’ll provide you with hundreds of different design options
  • They’ll come with smart features intact so that you can control them from almost anywhere

Here are the benefits of choosing a gas modern linear fireplace:

  • They’re slightly more energy efficient than electric linear fireplaces
  • They’ll heat up a home or business faster than their electric counterparts
  • They’ll come in a variety of design options

It would be well worth spending some time weighing the pros and cons of electric vs. gas linear fireplaces. It’ll help you decide which one is going to check all the right boxes for you.

Consider What Will Go Around a Modern Linear Fireplace

If you want to install a modern linear fireplace in a wall in a home or business and not put anything around it, you’re welcome to do this. It’ll help give any room a very clean and elegant look.

But if you would like to hang tiles or something else around the outside of a modern linear fireplace, you’re welcome to do this, too. You can help tie the design of the rest of the room into your new fireplace by taking this approach.

Set a Budget for a Modern Linear Fireplace

The price tags that will be on electric and gas modern linear fireplaces will vary. For this reason, you should attempt to come up with a budget for buying a modern fireplace from the start and commit to sticking to it.

If nothing else, this is going to help you narrow down your options as you shop around for a modern linear fireplace. Since there will be so many options available to you, you can focus on only the ones that will fit into your preferred price range by establishing a budget.

Shop for a Modern Linear Fireplace in the Right Place

There are almost 10,000 companies throughout the U.S. that can provide you with fireplaces. You’re going to need to find one that can supply you with the gorgeous modern linear fireplace you’re looking for.

Ideally, you should search for a company that has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating and installing custom fireplaces for residential and commercial clients. Dreifuss Fireplaces is a great example of a company you can count on to set you up with the modern linear fireplace you want.

Contact Us to Begin Shopping for a Modern Linear Fireplace

Do you know exactly which modern linear fireplace you would like to install in your home or business? Or are you just starting to shop around for modern linear fireplaces?

Either way, you can count on Dreifuss Fireplaces to show you some of the best modern fireplaces around. We’ll utilize our 150 years of experience to help you customize a luxury fireplace for any space from start to finish. It won’t be long at all before you’re basking in the glow of a brand-new custom fireplace.

Reach out to us to schedule a design consultation or visit our 5,000-square-foot showroom to see the custom fireplaces we have to offer.

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