How to Choose the Best Linear Fireplace

linear fireplace

Nothing is like the warm glow of fire in your living room. That is why over 320,000 new homes in 2017 included a fireplace, which shows a steady recovery from a major drop in this home decor feature over the last few decades. 

Luckily, if you are one of the many people hoping to light the fire again, you now have an abundance of modern fireplace options, making them extremely versatile and safe. 

Start here by learning how to choose a linear fireplace to complement your home. 

What is a Linear Fireplace?

Before you go shopping, first you should know what is a linear fireplace. These types of fireplaces focus on length rather than height like a traditional fireplace. 

Often rectangular, they are distinctly elongated and vertically shorter. This creates a more modern design element that is also low-key.  Because they aren’t grand, but rather simplistic, linear fireplaces go well with your space without making major renovations for installation. 

Gas or electric heat is preferred since a wood linear fireplace would require too much wood and cleaning. These fireplaces are also more simplistic than the rustic approach to wood burning. 

Benefits of a Linear Fireplace

When buying a fireplace, you want the process to be as easy as possible. If you don’t want to use too much wall space or have a long installation process, then a linear fireplace may be right for you. 

Here are some additional benefits of this style fireplace:

  • Versatile: Can be placed anywhere in the home because its size is customizable
  • Easy to Install: Requires less space and faster installation
  • Add Value: Increase the value of your home, from $1,000 to $5,000, according to real estate agents 
  • Cost Efficient: Saves on energy bills and can be customized for any price requirement
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting enjoyment

Because linear fireplaces use only gas or electricity, you also have the convenience of adding a remote control to your fireplace during installation to adjust it from anywhere. 

How to Choose Your Fireplace

The best fireplace is one that is both functional and that fits your home’s style. Both of these factors will make you happy about your decision. Taking your time and getting help from a professional at Dreifuss Fireplaces will ensure that you make the right decision. 

Follow this guide to get an idea of what kind of fireplace you want and where you want it in your home. 


Before you purchase a fireplace you should know where it is going to be installed. The good news is that you can add multiple linear fireplaces to your home, adjusting the size where necessary. 

Place one in the living room for family gatherings or even the bathroom for a relaxing soak by the fire. 

Deciding on the location first will help you pick a design style and get an estimated measurement for its length. 


Because linear fireplaces are long length-wise rather than high-wise, their size is easily customizable. Asking your fireplace professional about proper dimensions will give you an idea of how long your fireplace should be to make it functional and safe.

Gas or Electric

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing between a gas or electric fireplace. A gas fireplace requires ventilation and a pipeline to work. However, an electric fireplace doesn’t need a vent or a gas line. 

Some people prefer natural gas over electricity because it saves on the electric bill, but it also means a separate gas bill. 

Choosing a Design

A new fireplace is an exciting chance to elevate your home’s interior. You can either design your decor around the style of the fireplace or match your fireplace with your existing style. 

Either way, you will have to pick a fireplace design. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination. 

Peninsula Cutout

Do you have an unused wall that divides two rooms? Why not cut out a rectangular shape into the side and make it a linear fireplace? For instance, your kitchen and living room will be unified with a gas fireplace place that uses natural stone embers to enhance the ambiance of dinner and movie night.

Wall-to-Wall Linear

There technically are no length limits for your linear fireplace. You could stretch it along the entire wall, making it a grand accent to wall art while warming up a large space. 

Keep the Brick

If you want to transform your old fireplace then keep some of the brick and make some modifications. For example, remove the top of the fireplace brick to expose the wall and make the lower part shorter for that linear appeal. 

Below the TV

Linear fireplaces can go as low to the floor as you’d like. This is especially useful when you want to put it below your TV. Use contrasting backgrounds for the TV and the fireplace to make each centerpiece pop depending on the occasion. 

Fire on the Shelf

Not all fireplaces need to be enclosed. This is the beauty of linear fireplaces as they can be controlled and exposed on open shelves and even mantels, making your fireplace contemporarily stylish. 

Exploring all of Your Options

With so many linear fireplace design styles it may seem overwhelming to pick one. However, the more examples you see, the more you will start to understand what you want. Then narrow down your search by choosing several designs.

Contact us to discuss which designs work best for your home and get a free estimate. 

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