Smart Design: Getting the Most From Your Corner Fireplace Ideas

corner fireplace ideas

Corners are not particularly exciting locations in any home. They provide challenges to decoration, ruin the bass of your speaker system, and are an annoyance to clean. That is, until you get yourself a corner fireplace.

A corner fireplace is an excellent use of otherwise useless space. It’s the perfect spot for a gas fireplace to add a little extra to the room. But considering how much it costs to install, you’ll want to have the best corner fireplace ideas in mind.

Looking for some fireplace design tips? You have come to the right place. Keep reading for a guide on how to make the most out of your corner fireplace.

Choose the Right Fireplace Position

Before you even begin with fireplace design, you need to make sure it’s in the correct location. Placement is tricky, given the fireplace will become the room’s new focal point. It’s going to take up considerable room, which means that you will have to reconsider your furniture arrangement.

Generally, you want an underused corner that isn’t too close to a door or partition wall. The room should angle around the fireplace, giving space for sofas and chairs. Further, it shouldn’t interrupt the natural flow of traffic through the area.

Fireplaces are excellent choices for private spaces, such as bedrooms. You have to decide if you want to sacrifice some space by setting it at a 45° angle that crosses the corner. You also have to consider if it fits well beside a sliding glass door, balcony entrance, or other door.

Take into consideration how you will use the space, and how heavily you want to decorate it. Decide whether the fireplace will be the main element or just a single feature in an overarching decoration theme.

Also, consider the effect the heat will have on surrounding objects. You need to make sure your gas fireplace has the proper clearance. Fire hazards are now something you need to take into consideration even with self-contained gas and electric fireplaces.

Choose Fitting Decorations as Part of Your Corner Fireplace Ideas

Even though the fireplace will be the focal point, you want to embellish it as much as possible. Fireplaces lend themselves very well to a wide variety of decorations.

Use classics, such as a mantle or an alcove above. This is a great place to put family photos, memorabilia, and Christmas decorations in December.

Making the place feel like an ancestral home or library is also an excellent choice. Consider bookcases or shelving that goes well around the fireplace.

Many people choose to have a false chimney stack that goes into the ceiling. Even if you don’t have a wood-burning fireplace, this adds a lot of character and perceived age to your home.


Think about setting up accent lighting to give the proper ambiance whether day or night. Take into account the light that your fireplace will produce, and how it will cast over the room. You want to avoid blocking that beautiful, natural glow that spills out from the hearth.

Many people choose to mount their television above the fireplace. Do keep in mind it will need a mantle or a recessed alcove to protect it. Televisions, like other electronics, can overheat above 125°F.

Get the Furniture Placement Just Right

As we’ve said earlier, one of the biggest challenges with a corner fireplace design is how you work the furniture. A corner fireplace, by necessity, tilts things by 45° in order to look aesthetically pleasing.

For starters, consider dividing up sections of furniture with rugs. Place your most used furniture closest to the fireplace, such as the family couch or armchairs.

Give aisles that allow traffic to flow through and behind the furniture. You want a clear distinction between the lounging fireplace area and the rest of the room. Especially if the living room is in the same open space as a kitchen or dining room.

The benefit of a corner fireplace is you don’t have that big, jutting mantle. Your walls are free for decoration. Consider wallpaper, armoires, and big sweeping pictures to fill the space.

Choose the Right Texture 

Modern fireplaces do not have to be simple concrete or brick. Although these are excellent design features that look great in most homes, you have other options.

For example, you can make the fireplace and mantel match with the molding. You can have a wood exterior if you have wood panels. Homes that work best with a more modern aesthetic may choose metal to give a sleek, stylish appearance.

The texture should match the surrounding walls and decorations. Sometimes variations of textures may be necessary to avoid clashing with your home. If you have that modern look, but prefer brick patterns, make sure that you choose bricks that fit well.

Choose the Right Size

The great thing about fireplaces is that you can adjust the dimensions of your room. If you need a small, unobtrusive fireplace that doesn’t hog space, there are solutions to make it fit a smaller room size. But if you need a massive, dominant fireplace, you also have that option.

Again, consider the usage this room will get. A roomy space with vaulted ceilings will require a large fireplace. A bedroom may only require a small one that serves solely to warm the space.

Get Your Fireplace With Dreifuss

A corner fireplace breathes new life into boring, neglected corners. With the right corner fireplace ideas, you can make it the focal point of the room. As long as you give careful consideration to the overall design, it will gel well with your preferred aesthetic.

At Dreifuss, we transform old installations and featureless walls into unforgettable fireplaces. Visit our website to get a custom fireplace design for a corner of your home.

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