The Different Types of Luxury Gas Fireplace Designs

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Did you know that electric heat costs over three times more than heat from gas? Even with utility prices increasing in 2023, gas remains by far the cheaper option.

For this reason, many businesses and residences looking for a luxury fireplace favor gas.

Gas fireplaces are one of the simplest and most affordable fireplace options. Besides the low cost of gas, they’re also quick and easy to install as they don’t need a chimney. And of course, they’re one of the safest options.

Gas fireplace designs range from uber-modern to classic and traditional. Whether you’re refurbishing a manor house or a hotel lobby, there’s a design that’ll work for you. Plus, there are several installation styles to suit every building.

Read on for the various gas fireplace style and installation options available. And we’ll explain how simple it is for us to install one on your property!

Gas Fireplace Design Styles

Gas fireplaces are one of the most modern fireplace types. But they can still come in a traditional design if desired. The following are various examples of gas fireplace styles you can choose from.


Within traditional fireplace culture are a whole host of designs.

At first, images of large white mantels may come to mind. We can custom make a classic 1800s-looking traditional hearth of this style.

Alternatively, you may be thinking of a design surrounded by stone. These classic cabin fireplaces are as cozy as they come, perfectly suited to lodges and mountain resorts.

If you have another traditional design in mind, we can make it work! We offer free estimates on all design styles.


Luxury modern fireplace designs evoke images of marble and glass. You may picture a three or four-sided glass case hosting the gas fire. Or perhaps you picture a linear fireplace, perfectly flush with the wall.

All of these are examples of modern gas fireplaces. Whether you’d like to use glass, marble, wood, or another material in the design, we can bring your modern ideas to life.


Often more modern in style, outdoor gas fireplaces have just as many options. We can create a cozy gas stove that sits in the corner of your decking. Or we can install a large glass strip that serves as the centerpiece of your hotel rooftop.


Gas fireplaces are not limited to these options, or to sitting in a floor or wall-mounted hearth. We can create fireplaces in tables, ceiling-suspended fireplaces – anything you desire.

Gas Fireplace Installation Types

Would you like your fireplace to serve as a real heat source or more of an aesthetic feature? Depending on the answer, different installation types will suit your needs. Here are the three major gas fireplace styles, as well as a dual-fuel option.

Direct Vent

Direct vent is one of the most versatile gas fireplace designs. This system uses a sealed front and two-way vent system. This means you can install it in small spaces, such as hotel suites, as the fireplace gets enough ventilation.

Despite the glass front separation, you still enjoy up to 80% of the heat from the fire. This is a balanced option that’s easy to install in all spaces.


Vent-free or ventless fireplaces are the best choice if you want as much heat as possible. As the heat isn’t vented away, the heat output sits at 99.9%.

However, this means the fire can impact the air in the room. Therefore, it’s better suited for larger spaces with enough of their own ventilation. For maximum safety, our vent-free gas fireplaces come with an oxygen sensor to check the air quality is never compromised.


For many establishments, fireplaces are installed as a design feature. If they put out high levels of heat, they could interfere with the precise climate control of the building.

If that describes your needs, consider a B-Vent gas fireplace. These features put out 10-30% less heat. And they can come with glass fronts or air kits to limit the impact of the fireplace on the air in the room.

Gas Log Sets

What if you want the energy-saving design of a gas fire, but are still drawn to the look of wood log fires? Then consider a dual-fuel system.

These gas log fireplaces are more complicated, requiring a chimney fit for a wood-burning fire. But they allow you to enjoy the aesthetic of a wood fire at the lower usage cost of a gas fire.

How to Install a Gas Fireplace

Now that you know which design and installation type you’d like, you’re ready to start the process! Gas fireplaces are very simple to install, only requiring the following two-step process.


The first stage is a consultation. We begin by meeting with you to discuss your design and installation preferences. We may also inspect the building to make sure your installation choice is suited to the premises.

Then, we begin designing and building your fireplace.


Once it’s ready, we’ll deliver and install your custom fireplace.

Gas fireplaces don’t require a full chimney. Fireplace installation is therefore much faster than it would be for wood options. That means less downtime for your business, or less disruption at home.

Order Custom Gas Fireplace Designs Today

Now that you know the luxury gas fireplace designs available, it’s time to get started.

At Dreifuss, we’ve been handling custom fireplace design and installation for nearly 150 years! We know how to create the perfect design and choose the best ventilation for your building. Whether you want a classic hearth or a fireplace entirely of glass, we’ve got you covered.

We can’t wait to design a custom gas fireplace perfect for your building. Get in touch with us today to share your gas fireplace ideas. Then leave it to us to make them a reality.

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