Your Guide to Selecting an Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace

energy efficient electric fireplace

2022 wasn’t a quiet year for world events. And now, consumers are beginning to see the repercussions in their everyday lives, whether that’s food prices, the job market, or high energy bills.

Fortunately, even in these turbulent times, you can still do a lot to help cushion the effects of events beyond your control. One strategy is to invest in energy-saving appliances.

If you are considering buying a new energy-efficient fireplace this year to help save money on your bills, read on. This guide will tell you all you need to know about selecting the best energy efficient electric fireplace for your home.

What Is an Energy-Efficient Electric Fire?

We all know what an electric fireplace is, but what does it mean to say it’s energy efficient?

With today’s technological advances, an energy-efficient fireplace means any electric fire equipped with one or more energy-saving devices.

For a fireplace, that could mean that it uses LED lighting or has advanced settings to help you change and reduce the heat settings.

These features will help you save money on your bills, reduce your electricity use in the home, and help do your bit for the environment.

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The Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Electric Fire

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a modern energy-efficient fireplace. Here are some of the main benefits you should know about before shopping for one for your home.

They Look Great

Nowadays, there are so many electric fire designs on the market that it’s easy to find a design you love.

Many offer realistic-looking flames that will help you get the same warmth and cozy atmosphere as a real fire but without the substantial environmental impact of burning coal.

They’re Mess-Free

Unlike a real fire, you won’t have to clean the surroundings or chimney with an electric one. When you begin your research, look for ones that are easy to maintain and clean.

They’re Safe

Modern energy-efficient fires are safe for any home. You don’t risk an out-of-control fire or smoke; they are far safer options if you have children or pets.

They’re Reliable and Low Maintenance

Modern fireplaces need little maintenance and repair work.

That means you’ll save on long-term expenses and won’t suffer the hassle of a broken fireplace in the middle of winter. And they’re convenient too. You can switch them on and off instead of loading a fire with coal or wood.

They Save Money

An energy-efficient fireplace gives you complete control of the temperature and timing. That means you’ll only use the electricity you need, saving you money. And other features like LED lighting will help further reduce your bills.

They Save the Environment

Traditional fireplaces emit smoke, ash, and soot, adding to carbon emissions that scientists have put at the heart of global warming. An energy efficient fireplace will help you lead a more carbon-cutting lifestyle and support the environment.

They Work Fast

It takes mere minutes to get an electric fire going. So you can have a warm and toasty room quickly and efficiently. And some work for large spaces up too, so you could find they’re perfect for open-plan living.

Energy-Efficient Fireplaces: Searching for the Right Features

When you begin your search for a new fireplace, it’s worth knowing what features to look for in those glossy sales brochures. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Look for a High Energy Rating

The more energy-efficient your fireplace, the more money you’ll save. So when you start your search, always review the energy efficiency rating of each brand; the higher, the better.

An energy-efficient rating is a standard measurement helping you compare like-for-like with other appliances.

You can check the manufacturer’s details or marketing brochure in the USA for an Energy Star rating. These standards come from the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

You may also see a label with the brand EnergyGuide. That’s done via the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), and it provides estimates about the fireplace’s energy emission and costs.

Search for Automatic Shut-Off Features

Some modern electric fireplaces come with an automatic shut-off feature. You’ll typically spot this when viewing fireplaces online or in the shops, as you’ll see a switch or indicator light.

If you can’t see it on the appliance, read through the safety information for the brand because you’ll typically find the feature listed there. Otherwise, read through the manufacturer’s official manual.

This shut-off mechanism helps reduce energy use when you leave the house, as the unit automatically switches off the fireplace after a specific time. Some even activate this feature if the sensor detects overheating.

It’s a good safety addition to guard against accidentally going to bed and leaving the fireplace on. Furthermore, this switch-off feature will reduce your energy bill by minimizing the time you use your heating.

In today’s expensive energy market, that is worth remembering.

As well as automatic shut-off features, some high-end fireplaces also have timers. These will help you add a few innovative smart home features to your fire settings, such as switching the fire on ten minutes before you arrive home from work in the evening.

Check the Heating Output

Different fireplaces will have different heating outputs, giving warmth to a specific square footage of space.

In other words, if you have a vast room, choose a heating output that will work for that entire room so you don’t have one corner chair sitting in a cold spot!

Check for Adjustable Settings

Different fireplaces will offer a variety of settings. As a general rule of thumb, those with more complicated settings will probably sit at the higher end of any budget.

But adjustable settings will help you reduce your energy use in the long run. So it could save you money, even if you opt for a pricier fireplace.

Some fireplaces will also offer adjustable thermostats, and that’s important too.

You can turn your heating down by one degree, and over a year, that will save you money on your electricity bill, but you probably won’t notice the minor drop in temperature in your home.

Check for Light Settings

It’s not only heat settings that you can control on some modern electric fireplaces. Many also allow you to dim or brighten the light from the fire.

That’s a popular feature for many, as it will help you create the right atmosphere at home and dim the fire for a relaxing, cozy evening or brighten it for dining and socializing.

Consider a Remote Control

Some high-end fireplaces offer remote control. This is a luxury but worth considering because of the added convenience. It will add to a feeling of comfort and luxury when sitting around your new fireplace.

Safety Features

Two safety features you want to look for in a fireplace are cool-to-touch and flame-retardant.

Cool-to-the-touch fireplaces ensure a cold surface of your fireplace, which is ideal if you have young children. And flame-retardent fireplaces are essential in any home as a general fire safety feature.

General Buying Tips

As well as specific fireplace features, there are a couple of other recommendations to help you find the perfect appliance. Here are some important general tips to remember before making that final purchase.

Set Your Budget

Always set a budget first before you start shopping. Electric fireplace prices vary considerably, and you don’t want to find the perfect one only to discover it’s outside your price range.

Consider the Size

A fireplace can often be the focal point of the room. So getting a perfect size is essential. Too big, and it will look out of place. Too small, and it won’t offer that statement look that often comes with a beautiful fireplace.

So before you start your search, measure your room, focusing on the length, width, and depth needed for the fireplace to fit.

Map out the space around the furniture to ensure it works within your room. Keep those measurements to hand when you conduct your search.

Consider the Style

Fireplaces look beautiful in a room, but they must match the style of your home and interiors. Do you prefer traditional or modern, rustic or sleek?

It’s a good idea to get some inspiration from places like Pinterest before you start your search so you have a feel for the type of fireplace you want.

Consider Extras

Most fireplaces come with surrounds to help them fit stylishly in your home.

You’ll want to think about the design of your fire surround and whether to purchase it as part of the fireplace or install a separate design. Don’t forget to cost these extras when putting together your budget.

Get a Professional Installation

Electric fireplaces will need installation, and it’s always best to hire a professional team like us. We’ll ensure it’s done to proper safety standards. And when you’re finished, keep hold of any warranty and emergency numbers if you run into any problems.

Finding the Right Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace

It pays to do your research when it comes to buying an energy efficient electric fireplace. Doing so will ensure you get one with state-of-the-art features that will save you money and give you that beautiful, snug interior.

You can kick-start your fireplace planning by filling in this form for a free estimate. Once you do that, our expert team will provide you with a custom quote for our fantastic range of energy-efficient fireplaces.

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