Are Ethanol Fireplaces Effective?

ethanol fireplaces

When winter comes around the corner, your fireplace becomes your best friend. After all, there is nothing better than curling up next to a warm fire to relax.

Of course, there are many types of fireplaces to choose from. We all know about traditional fireplaces but what about modern, ethanol fireplaces?

They are a great source of secondary heating. They can also do wonders for the interior design of your home. This is especially true for the northern, colder regions.

In the mountain states, 35% of American homes have at least one fireplace. Philadelphia gets chilly during the winter, with temperatures reaching below freezing sometimes.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about ethanol fireplaces and why you would want them in your house.

What Are Ethanol Fireplaces?

Simply put, an ethanol fireplace is a fireplace that uses ethanol for fuel. Sometimes, they are also referred to as bioethanol fireplaces.

It functions the same way as a traditional log fireplace but it comes with a few more advantages of its own. It can be installed for indoor and outdoor use.

They can come in a range of designs, but typically have a frame and a burner. The frame keeps the burner in place and contributes to the style of the fireplace. When using the fireplace, you would put the fuel into the burner.

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Benefits of Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces haven’t been around for very long, and that’s why it’s natural to have many questions about them. Ethanol fireplaces come with a lot of advantages you and your wallet are sure to love.

Environmentally Friendly

The ethanol fireplace fuel is a lot more eco-friendly than wood or gas fireplaces. It does emit some steam, heat, and tiny amounts of C02. However, that number is nothing compared to traditional fireplaces.

The air around your home will remain clean and odorless. There are also no harmful by-products that will make you worry about your and your family’s health.

You won’t have to worry about the smoke getting in your lungs or its scent clinging to your furniture. They also don’t produce any ash or soot so you know that the interior of your home is safe from any stains.

Easy to Install

Unlike traditional fireplace units, you won’t have to build an entire chimney to get it to work. That also limits your desiring aspirations as the unit is fixed.

Most ethanol fireplace units can be placed anywhere in your home. Because it doesn’t produce smoke, there is no need for a chimney.

Additionally, these features make your fireplace installation a lot cheaper than other styles. Should you decide to replace your ethanol fireplace a few years down the line, dismantling it will be a piece of cake.


Most ethanol fireplaces are made up of stainless steel or tempered glass. Depending on the style you want, they can also have extra features like slate or tile.

Whatever you choose, you can create a sleek, modern look in just about any size home. For a more cozy design, you can choose a fireplace that has a wood finish.

Its portability makes it possible for even renters, to produce extra warmth in their homes and boost aesthetic appeal.

Easy Use

Is this your first time getting a fireplace?

Some types would require a whole list of requirements and maintenance rules to ensure the fireplace would work as needed. Ethanol fireplaces, on the other hand, are great for beginners.

All you have to do is pour the fuel into the burner and ignite the fireplace.


The last thing you would need during winter is for your heat to escape. Because ethanol fireplaces don’t need chimneys or vents, it retains heat a lot more. This makes sure that your room stays warm without your fuel running out too fast.

Using an Ethanol Fireplace

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using ethanol fireplaces, it’s time to get into the details. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about ethanol fireplaces.

What Does It Cost?

Installing an ethanol fireplace is wholly dependent on the fireplace installation company you choose. Before that, you have to make sure what type of fireplace you’d want in your house. Once that is done, you can contact the company and get a quote.

The cost of running an ethanol fireplace depends on the size of the room and the model of the fireplace.

It is noteworthy to mention that it is one of the more affordable choices compared to wood fireplaces. Gas is still cheaper but it may not have the same safety features as an ethanol fireplace. The average price you can expect would be about $2-$4 per gallon of ethanol fireplace fuel.

What Maintenance Do You Need?

Just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the manual.

Before and after using the fireplace, first, make sure that the unit and its surroundings are clear from any foreign material. Wipe up any fuel spills with a dry cloth.

To keep it dust free, wipe the surface. The cleaning materials may differ depending on the material your fireplace is made out of. Using a soft cloth is preferable as it won’t scratch the exterior of your fireplace.

Some Tips for Beginners

Always make sure that you have the right fuel. Different brands may require different types of fuel. Additionally, not all ethanol fuels can be used for the same purpose.

Be careful not to keep anything flammable close to the fireplace. That can result in a fire hazard.

Ensure that the fireplace is off before adding fuel. And should you decide to move, make sure that the fireplace has cooled down sufficiently.

Ready to Invest in One?

With so many advantages to your life, comfort, and safety, ethanol fireplaces are the way to go. All you have to do now is choose the brand and style that is specific to your style.

You also need the services of an experienced, professional team of fireplace installers to ensure that your fireplace is up to standard.

We at Dreifuss Fireplaces have over 100 years of experience and high-quality work in the industry. Let us help you.

Want more information or are you ready for a quote? Don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form or give us a call!

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