Creative Ideas for Decorating Around Your Linear Fireplace

linear fireplace

When it comes to decorating your linear fireplace, we’ve got tons of ideas for you to consider.

Being creative with your interior design is a great choice because it gives you the daily surroundings that you need to thrive mentally.

Enhancing the beauty of your linear fireplace is a great way to make your home decor pack an extra punch.

Read on to learn some design tips that you can use to make the space by your hearth feel more like home.

Eco-friendly linear gas fireplace in a modern living room

Use Natural Elements to Decorate Your Linear Fireplace

One way to spruce up your linear fireplace is the add natural elements to its interior.

Real wood logs are one of the best options because they give off a traditional vibe.

They’re a classic that never goes out of style.

Since most linear fireplaces turn on with gas, the wood that you put inside will not burn.

It won’t be in the same place where the real flame dances.

Your accent will last a long time and give you the cozy feel that everyone loves about traditional fireplaces.

You also could use natural stone as a way to make your linear fireplace look great.

Stones can go in the fireplace bed in the same way that logs can.

You can also use your fireplace surround to add some natural flair to your hearth. Red bricks are always a classy choice. You can also use stamped concrete that looks like cobblestone or slate.

Marble or quartz also looks sophisticated as a surround.

This look will be more antique and high-end than natural, but it works wonders for those who want a timeless focal point in their room.


Crushed Glass and Bright Colors are a Brilliant Idea

If you’re looking for a modern way to make your fireplace bed shine, you can try adding bits of crushed glass to the inside of your hearth.

Of course, you shouldn’t try to do this on your own. A professional would do it for you during the installation process.

When you add this glass to the inside of your fireplace, the movement of the flame will hit it at multiple angles.

The glass will reflect the light and create a kaleidoscopic effect. It’s stunning, unique, and 100% contemporary.

You can also play with color here. Not all glass is clear- some pieces are blue or green or even yellow.

You can mix and match colors to get several hues in your hearth as the flame bounces around.

Sleek Surrounds are a Great Linear Fireplace Idea

Not everyone wants a traditional fireplace surround, and that’s okay! There are tons of awesome options that fit in perfectly with modern decor schemes.

Beyond minimalistic thin black-and-white surrounds, you also could try metal accents.

Brass, bronze, copper, and steel all look contemporary and modern. They pair well with stainless steel lamps and other metal furniture throughout the room.

Tiles are another great option to consider. Geometric patterns are great for those looking for a contemporary space, so consider square and rectangular tiles in solid hues.

Triangles and hexagons work well for those looking to spice things up in a rarer way.

Artwork and Photographs Over Linear Fireplaces

Most linear fireplaces go near the bottom of your wall. Their position near the floor means that the flame will illuminate more of the room. They’ll also provide more warmth since the fire’s heat rises.

Even more importantly, they’ll leave the rest of your wall space free for other things.

If you choose to create a traditional fireplace and a rustic design scheme, you can hang old classical paintings and black-and-white photographs above the fireplace.

Architectural artwork is always a good choice, as are paintings of landscapes.

You also might like portrait photographs or silhouettes of relatives (or strangers!)

If you’re going for a more modern linear fireplace look, abstract art with bright colors will be your best friend.

Consider paintings with geometric shapes and patterns in multiple hues.

Crisp, clear photographs with clean and bold lines work, especially when you colorize them to be as vibrant as possible.

You can also use wall art like metal shapes and plastic accents.

The hard edges of these make your room look sharper and crisper, and the flame from the fireplace underneath brings out the best in their colors.

Metallic or polished items shine really beautifully when hit with constantly-moving light.

Knickknacks and Trinkets Around Your Linear Fireplace

Some people prefer to put their linear fireplaces up a bit higher on the wall. This makes sense if you want the hearth to be the focal point of your room.

You’ll have it around eye level when sitting or standing.

This leaves some space above the fireplace to display trinkets on a mantle or on shelves.

Get small custom shelving that matches the surround of your fireplace.

Minimalism is always a good idea, so consider getting floating shelves in neutral hues or stainless steel.

Glass is also a really cool choice for shelving, especially if it doesn’t have a back. It’s extremely contemporary, chic, simple, and elegant.

Once your shelves are up, you can place interesting items on top of them. Simple dishes, small metal objects, and dishes of colorful marbles are a great way to add visual appeal and contrast.

Want a more traditional or antique look? Try wooden shelves with simple antique trinkets. Vases, miniature globes, and blown glass animals are vintage and beautiful.

Spruce Up Your Linear Fireplace Today

Now that you have some linear fireplace ideas, it’s time to begin finding the perfect style of hearth for your home.

Dreifuss’ experts are committed to assessing your space, talking about your unique tastes, and coming up with a plan to make your living space as warm and comfortable as possible. We’ll give you a free estimate for your project, so contact us with any remaining questions you have.

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