How to Give Your Electric Fireplace a Makeover

give your electric fireplace a makeover

Electric fireplaces have plenty of advantages. They are easy to install, cheap to run, and do not require the work and maintenance that other fireplaces require. This may be why the market for electric fireplaces is expected to grow in the coming years. 

However, many are often unsure of what to do with their electric fireplace. By itself, a simple electric fireplace often looks like it is in need of an upgrade. 

But, with a few simple changes, an updated fireplace upgrades the room itself. So, if you’re wondering how to give your electric fireplace a makeover, make sure to keep reading!

Classic Fireplace Settings

One of the most popular and most effective ways to elevate an electric fireplace is to build a full fireplace setting for it. This means surrounding your electric fireplace with a setting that mimics a real fireplace. When done right, this gives the impression that an electric fireplace is an entirely new fireplace. 

In many cases, this means building the regular parts of a fireplace around your electric fireplace. This includes a mantle above it, a hearth below it, and the surrounding sides. More elaborate designs may even include covers or additional embellishments. 

While the basic features of a fireplace setting will be mostly the same, the styles vary dramatically. Depending on the home or location, a different style may suit the environment of that particular room. 

Brick Makeover

When most people think of fireplaces, they think of the most classic style out there. The classic image of fire surrounded by dark red bricks is not easy to forget. Just imagining this setting gives you a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Replicating this look is a great way to makeover your electric fireplace. You can build a brick setting that surrounds your electric fireplace. This will make it look like your electric fireplace is a feature within a much larger construction. 

How extensive you go with this design is up to you. Extending the brick completely around the fireplace is a great start. However, you can go even further by mimicking a brick chimney extending from the top. 

Rustic Makeover

A rustic barn style has been a recent design trend in the world of interior design. This style gives the feeling of being surrounded by the charming familiarity of a classic home. A similarly-themed fireplace makes the perfect centerpiece for a house with this theme. 

Creating this effect relies on using reclaimed barn wood planks. These are perfect for capturing the exact type of rustic feel that this design requires. An impressive wooden mantlepiece also works as the perfect way to top off a style like this. 

Contemporary Makeover

While old-fashioned and rustic fireplaces rely on large fixtures, contemporary styles are more sleek and unobtrusive. They seek to blend in with the surroundings rather than forming a large focal point. This also has the effect of emphasizing the fire itself, rather than the settings around it. 

There are a lot of options available within this style type. What style works best will depend on the room itself. 

Sometimes these fireplaces are simply emphasized by an accent wall. You can paint the space around the fireplace a different color in order to draw the eye

Sometimes these fireplaces are located within traditional settings. However, the settings are colored in a single, untextured color in order to prevent them from being too busy. Once again, the simplicity of this design draws the eye. 

Mounting the Fireplace

Instead of turning your electric fireplace into something that mimics a traditional fireplace, you can go in an entirely different direction. Mounting the fireplace on or within the wall turns it into a striking feature. 

Mounting the fireplace on a wall allows it to do what traditional fireplaces are incapable of. You can have your fireplace at eye level, so it stands out more than it would on the floor. 

Meanwhile, placing the fireplace within the wall opens up new possibilities. Doing so looks elegant and unobtrusive. If done correctly, the fireplace can even be seen from both sides of the wall, meaning you can see it in two different rooms. 

These fireplaces are particularly attractive in commercial buildings. Here, these types of fireplaces have the potential to be the centerpiece of a lobby, reception area, or even a conference room. 

Media Centerpiece

A fireplace adds a lot to any room it is in. It is equally suitable for living rooms as it is for bedrooms. However, it has even more potential when it comes to creating the perfect centerpiece for any media room. 

In these cases, the fireplace is positioned at the center of the room. It can then be surrounded by bookshelves or other decorative features. If a television is mounted above it, a single wall becomes a powerful media showcase. 

The best part about this is that the electric fireplace does not pose a threat to its surroundings. Surrounding a traditional fireplace with books and electronics opens these items up to being damaged by the flames. However, an electric fireplace does not contain flames and, thus, will alleviate any worries. 

Give Your Electric Fireplace a Makeover

There are plenty of different ways to give your electric fireplace a makeover. These range from updating the area around it to positioning it in unique ways. However, each fireplace upgrade helps you enjoy the room even more than before. 

If you are interested in a fireplace of your own, make sure to contact Dreifuss Fireplaces to see which options will work for you!

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