6 Creative Ways to Use a Linear Fireplace

linear fireplace

If you’ve been wanting a gas-burning fireplace in your home, you’re among 55% of other Americans who do, too. Perhaps you’re even open to the more rustic wood-burning style. No matter how you fuel it, have you considered the actual design style?

If not, you should consider the value of adding a linear fireplace to your home. There are many benefits of incorporating one into your home’s overall interior design.

You’re not the average homeowner, after all. You take great pride in the aesthetic and functional aspects of everything throughout your home. You’d only add a linear fireplace as a sophisticated, luxurious design piece.

For that reason, this article outlines six detailed ways to creatively make the most of linear fireplaces in the home. Keep reading to bring this essential element to life.

1. Room Divider

In your high-end home, you likely have a lot of open space. Open floor plans are great for encouraging community and creativity in the home. Still, perhaps you want some functional division to help the design flow.

A linear fireplace can be of particular value here if you use it as a room divider. You can accomplish this with ease when you install this unique fireplace design in the middle of one of the larger rooms in your home.

The result of this ingenious design intention is to create two separate, identifiable areas. You’ll love the aesthetically gorgeous and functional result of this initiative.

One example might be having a playing area for the younger house residents and guests on one side and a living room area across the way. This could be ideal if you’re looking to host a lot of events at the house but want to create a natural division between the youth and the adults you’re entertaining.

Be willing to get creative when it comes to designing a home area with this room divider in mind. How can you create the illusion that every space in your home has a unique, intentional purpose?

2. Accent Wall

Perhaps you’re more interested in the visual appeal of adding a linear fireplace somewhere in your sophisticated home. It can be a great option, especially compared to other, more traditional fireplace designs.

Well, then maybe you could consider adding a linear fireplace simply as an accent piece on an otherwise blank wall. It can be your instinct to add high-end, rare pieces of art on empty wall spaces throughout your home. Instead, adding a fireplace like this could create an even more luxurious feel to the ambiance of your home’s living spaces.

A linear fireplace can create a dramatic point of interest, too. It can really attract the attention of your guests. As a result, it might end up being the perfect conversation started when you them over next.

Don’t worry, though. You can still add those highly sought-after art pieces to the same wall.

Be strategic about this, though. Don’t add any sensitive materials too close to the warmth that your new fireplace will generate when it’s turned on. Instead, see how you can use creative decor in the surrounding wall space to further the overall aesthetic of this area.

3. Outdoor Living Space

While it’s always great to incorporate a linear fireplace in the interior of your home, that’s not your only option. Outdoor living areas can be ideal for this beautiful and cozy fireplace style. In fact, that might be why you’re looking for a unique fireplace design in the first place.

Take the time to review your current outdoor areas. Maybe you already have the perfect furniture selection and seating arrangement set up. You even have entertainment value in the way of a projector or outdoor cooking area.

Still, it’s missing that final touch. That’s where the beauty and elegance of a high-quality linear fireplace can truly come to your aid. Involving one in this living area can ensure that the overall ambiance will be unforgettable for anyone who gets to enjoy it for a time.

Be sure to install it in a sensible area, though. You should aim to put it somewhere where people sitting down can enjoy the warmth without getting too hot.

Your outdoor living space can make or break the enjoyment of your guests. Don’t let them get too cold on those chilly nights. For more guidance, check out this article about outdoor linear fireplaces.

4. Entryway Focal Point

Are you struggling to figure out how to make your home’s entryway more unique and useful? Do you want a focal point that’s out of the way, but attractive enough to create an inviting atmosphere?

A linear fireplace installed into the side of one of the walls in this space might be just what you’re looking for. It’s truly one of the best ideas for home decorations in today’s modern, high-end houses.

5. Upgrade Your Bathroom

Have you ever gotten out of the bathtub or shower and wished your bathroom space was warmer? This is another ideal location for installing a linear fireplace. It can truly upgrade the design to a more luxurious feeling.

Plus, it’s likely that such an addition could add value to your home. If you’re ever ready to sell the house, this can be of particular importance. Learn more here about how adding a fireplace can increase your home value.

6. Enjoy One in Your Home Office

Lastly, consider having a linear fireplace in your home office. Add this cozy addition to the ambiance of a productive, relaxed work schedule.

This spot for your new linear fireplace can be especially valuable if you live in colder climates. That way, you don’t have to work in the cold.

Installing a Linear Fireplace

At this point in the article, we hope your creative juices are flowing. There are so many ways to make your new linear fireplace stand out as a sophisticated design piece. It’s up to you to take action and make that a reality now.

To help, we can ensure your new fireplace is up to the quality standards you deserve. Take the time to learn more about our linear fireplace installation services to see how we can work with you.

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