6 Luxury Fireplace Design Ideas

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Being fortunate enough to have an open fire in your home is a luxury in and of itself. There’s something inherently primal within us that easily becomes entranced watching the flickering of flames. Good fireplace design serves to frame this ancient beauty and tame it securely for our enjoyment. We’ve put together a list of luxury fireplace design ideas for you to get the creative juices flowing.

Did you know that human beings may have been using fire for 800,000 years? Throughout history, no other tool has been as instrumental as fire in the success of our species. It’s no wonder we each hold it in such a peculiar regard.

If you feel the pull toward inviting fire into your home, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out which luxury fireplace design might suit you best.

Luxury Fireplace Design

Along with our innate and undeniable fascination for fire comes an appreciation for other forms of beauty, naturally occurring or otherwise. The construction of a luxury fireplace is done to enhance and complement the beauty of the reaction contained within. The warmth and security a fire provides us are hard to describe or match.

Truly luxurious fireplaces are beautiful, whether they’ve got a fire lit inside them or not. Ensuring your fireplace brings joy even while not in use is in good keeping with solid interior design. The hearth is the heart of any home, and using it to express your individuality will bolster any atmosphere you’re looking to create.

Considering your options carefully, while imagining a fireplace you’ll enjoy for years is worth the effort. This is an opportunity to shape the feeling of many cozy evenings to come.

We recommend taking some notes, collecting some ideas, even sitting in the space where you want your fireplace to go and visualize the size and shape. You can even outline an imaginary fireplace with painters’s tape. Don’t worry about taking exact measurements yet, just outline what looks right for the space. Look at the outline from high and low. Try sitting on the furniture or the presentation from across the room. Adjust the tape as needed to get the perfect visual you are looking for, then simply measure the tape on the wall and give us a call.

Here are some more luxury fireplace design ideas to think about.

1. Natural Stone Fireplaces

The artistry of raw stone is akin to the natural and organic beauty we associate with fire. The two go together like peas in a pod, complimenting each other in their simplicity. Thick slabs of stone also serve to secure and hold fire to remove any worry that it might spread

We need to feel secure our fire isn’t going anywhere, after all. An impermeable barrier has to be built around it for us to feel comfortable enough to admire it and enjoy it to its fullest.

Stone exists in a wide array of textures, shapes, colors, and finishes. Any vision for a room’s focal point can be wrought into reality in stone. Each decision can be carefully selected to complement not only the fire itself but all your other design choices, too.

2. Heavy Wood Mantle Pieces

As a stylistic choice, thick, knotted, and gnarled woods speak for themselves. Railway sleepers, antique beams, and recycled fence posts all work wonders here. Using beautiful materials in unconventional ways for display purposes works peculiarly well!

There’s something about the space above the fireplace that urges us to display our favorite bits and pieces. Knick-knacks from our youth and other precious baubles seem to congregate above the fire naturally.

Turning the method of the display itself into an object of beauty makes good practical sense!

3. Timeless Red Brick

Appreciation for simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to fire. Function over form has a beauty all of its own. Simple naked brick offers a modern fireplace solution firmly anchored in the recent past.

Sometimes less is more, and a statement needn’t be voiced to be heard.

Why overcomplicate when the simple option does the trick? You’ll find this option easily integrates into a room with existing stylistic choices that might not suit others so well. And if you ever feel like changing things up again, your fireplace won’t be an issue!

4. Corner Fireplaces

Most types of fireplaces are only ever seen from one angle. It’s a shame to block three-quarters of a fire from view, even if it’s necessary in most cases.

If you’ve got the opportunity, building a fireplace directly into a corner wall allows for a rare effect. This allows for maximized lounging potential when you stretch out in front of it, and also makes for a guaranteed talking point.

5. Modern Metallic Surrounds

While it’s true there’s something timelessly classic about hardwood surrounds and cut natural rock, modern options also have their place.

A metallic surround allows for a sleek and glamorous effect that’s simply impossible to cultivate with more antiquated materials. These surfaces best compliment a clean and uncluttered space where order prevails.

6. Tiled Fireplaces

Tiles allow for complete creative freedom. Color, design, and pattern combinations are endless, meaning your design can be as plain or as bold as you want! Whether you want a simple white tile surround to compliment a minimalist design, or something far more vibrant and individual, tiles can do it all.

They’re also robust enough to weather the abuse fireplaces regularly have to contend with. Coupled with being easily cleaned and maintained, it’s clear to see why tile fireplaces are so popular.

Home Is Where the Hearth Is!

No matter your choice of fireplace, have fun with the design process. Considering and comparing all possibilities will help to nail down which fireplace design ideas are right for you. Whatever direction you choose to take your fireplace, you’ll always fondly remember the process!

If these fireplace design tips are helping you along the path to a confident decision, check out the rest of the blog! We’ve got a lot more where this came from!

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