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4 Reasons to Upgrade to a Linear Fireplace

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Each time Old Man Winter arrives, you enjoy chasing away the cold with the help of your fireplace. But you’re getting tired of cleaning it and keeping it up. You’re ready for something new, and the perfect upgrade for you may be a linear fireplace. Smart thinking. Fireplaces can add incredible value to your home due to […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linear Fireplaces

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Your home should be a place of comfort, and a fireplace can help complete that cozy vibe. While most homeowners have moved on to modern heating solutions, a fireplace remains a solid choice. Fireplace designs have evolved over the years and come in different styles for all homes. Many designers and homeowners have fallen in […]

Creative Ideas for Decorating Around Your Linear Fireplace

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When it comes to decorating your linear fireplace, we’ve got tons of ideas for you to consider. Being creative with your interior design is a great choice because it gives you the daily surroundings that you need to thrive mentally. Enhancing the beauty of your linear fireplace is a great way to make your home […]

The Latest Trends in Linear Fireplace Design

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Nowadays, creating environmentally friendly living spaces is a priority for homeowners across the globe. Solar is a fantastic, albeit expensive, option, but there are other things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. According to the Green Home Institute, natural gas fireplaces produce up to 99% fewer emissions than traditional wood-burning ones. So, it […]

How to Choose the Right Linear Fireplace for Your Home

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About 70% of real estate agents think that fireplaces add value to a home. An even higher 77% of those looking for a new residence are willing to pay more for those with a hearth. If you’re looking for a home enhancement that will raise your property value, fireplaces are a great choice. A linear […]

How to Choose the Best Linear Fireplace

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Nothing is like the warm glow of fire in your living room. That is why over 320,000 new homes in 2017 included a fireplace, which shows a steady recovery from a major drop in this home decor feature over the last few decades.  Luckily, if you are one of the many people hoping to light the […]

How Much Do Linear Fireplaces Cost?

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According to Redfin, homes with fireplaces sell for up to 13% more than the national average. This is especially true in colder climates, but the right fireplace can add aesthetic appeal no matter where you live. Linear fireplaces are rectangular-shaped fireplaces installed directly into a wall. They’re a sophisticated addition to any room in your home […]

Design Inspiration: Creative Ways to Incorporate Linear Fireplaces

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Studies show that fire makes us calmer, more sociable, and generally happier. Our blood pressure also decreases when we look at crackling flames, which may be why fireplaces are one of the most coveted home enhancements out there. Linear fireplaces are a modern trend that can enhance your home interior regardless of your decor theme. […]

Design Inspiration: How to Style a Room With a Linear Fireplace

Humans have been using fire in their daily lives for more than 400,000 years. Of course, fireplace designs and their use have changed significantly over the years! While we no longer rely on fireplaces in our homes for cooking and safety, they can still be a great source of heat. On top of this, new […]