Design Inspiration: How to Style a Room With a Linear Fireplace

Humans have been using fire in their daily lives for more than 400,000 years. Of course, fireplace designs and their use have changed significantly over the years! While we no longer rely on fireplaces in our homes for cooking and safety, they can still be a great source of heat. On top of this, new […]

The Benefits of a Linear Fireplace Over a Traditional Fireplace

You’re dreaming about the cozy snuggling times you’ll enjoy with your loved ones in front of your future living room fireplace, and you already feel more at home than ever before. You’re in good company, too. Research shows that living rooms are the most popular place to install a fireplace, followed by family rooms, home offices, […]

6 Design Tips for Integrating Your Linear Fireplace Into Your Home

linear fireplace

Putting in a new fireplace does take some thought but it doesn’t need to be hard. We’ve put together some tips for integrating your linear fireplace into your home to help guide you through the thought process. More than 65% of traditional chimney fireplaces are aged and inefficient. Keeping one in your home may cost […]

Why Designers Love Linear Fireplaces

linear fireplaces

Top-notch interior design can greatly improve your mental health. If you’ve ever sat by a fireplace before, you already know that its warmth, appearance, and sound can reduce stress and tension. That’s why fireplace installation is a great idea for every homeowner. Linear fireplaces are one of the most prevalent trends in 2023, and rightfully so. […]

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Linear Fireplaces

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Did you know that adding a fireplace to your home can increase its overall value? This is great news if you’re looking for home renovations that you can enjoy right now that will still raise the selling price later. What kind of fireplace should you install, though? Well, there’s the fuel type to consider, such as wood-burning […]

6 Creative Ways to Use a Linear Fireplace

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If you’ve been wanting a gas-burning fireplace in your home, you’re among 55% of other Americans who do, too. Perhaps you’re even open to the more rustic wood-burning style. No matter how you fuel it, have you considered the actual design style? If not, you should consider the value of adding a linear fireplace to […]

6 Luxury Fireplace Design Ideas

Being fortunate enough to have an open fire in your home is a luxury in and of itself. There’s something inherently primal within us that easily becomes entranced watching the flickering of flames. Good fireplace design serves to frame this ancient beauty and tame it securely for our enjoyment. We’ve put together a list of […]

How to Choose a Modern Linear Fireplace

modern linear fireplace

Would you like to install a custom fireplace in a home or business without having to devote too much space to it? Then you should strongly consider going with a modern linear fireplace as opposed to a traditional fireplace that has a bulky mantel. A modern fireplace like this will feature clean lines and a minimalist […]