What Are the Benefits of Fireplaces in Commercial Buildings?

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Your customers have trudged through the cold and the snow to get to your business, and you’re determined to make their visit worthwhile. Fortunately, this couldn’t be easier to achieve with a commercial fireplace.

Research shows that the number of homebuyers who deem gas fireplaces desirable has increased to 55% from 44% over the past couple of decades. In light of this, adding a fireplace to your business will likely elicit good feelings among your customers year round.

With this in mind, here’s a rundown on several benefits of fireplaces in commercial buildings.

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Boost Sales

One of the top reasons to choose a commercial fireplace for your business is that it can increase your sales simply by elevating the mood of your space.

People are generally drawn to a fire’s light and warmth, which add comfort to any room. The relaxed environment that a fireplace provides will instantly make your visitors feel right at home.

This may motivate them to remain at your business longer. And this can ultimately increase your company’s sales.

A fireplace works exceptionally well in the restaurant setting. There, it invites diners to enjoy their delicious meals longer.

Likewise, a fireplace in an office lobby or a hotel creates a homey, cozy feeling. This feeling will beckon guests to return to your establishment time and time again.

Your business’s atmosphere contributes to its growth and success. Thus, adding a fireplace to your commercial space is a wise move to boost your reputation and your bottom line.

Create the Perfect Focal Point

Yet another reason to add a fireplace to your business is that it will instantly capture your guests’ attention when they first set foot in your shop.

When installed in dining areas or lobbies, fireplaces create focal points that draw visitors’ eyes. This is due to the aesthetically pleasing styles and colors of today’s popular fireplaces. They also serve as inviting places for your guests to gather., particularly on a cold fall or winter day.

Feel free to center your business’s interior layout around the fireplace, too. This will create a cohesive look that will make your business look even more professional and put together.

Commercial Fireplace in white and red room. The fireplace is round and in the center of the room.

Make Your Business Competitive

A commercial fireplace is one of the easiest ways to make your brick-and-mortar store stand out.

Trendy fireplaces give businesses an extra edge over their competition. They do this by enhancing their atmospheres and adding striking design aesthetics.

A fireplace can also easily add a hint of luxury to your space. This will improve your company’s image and appeal.

What’s great about commercial fireplaces is that they come in multiple options to satisfy your unique space and design preference. For instance, you can choose from among several fireplace materials, styles/designs, colors, and sizes.

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Upgrade Your Business with Ease

Business fireplaces are generally good investments because they are easy ways to upgrade any business. This is particularly true if you choose one that fits the latest safety regulations and doesn’t require much maintenance, like a gas or electric fireplace.

Unlike wood fireplaces, commercial gas and electric fireplaces do not require chimneys, which makes them simpler to install. In addition, they are safer for customers to be near, as you can control the heat using a switch or dial.

Also, let’s say you set the ideal temperature on your fireplace for your space and guests. You might notice decreased energy bills as a result of this secondary source of heat.

All in all, electric and gas fireplaces are energy-efficient options for creating temperature-controlled, comfortable, and warm environments for guests. Plus, you don’t have to worry about smoke and ventilation issues as you would with wood fireplaces.

Commercial Fireplace by Davinci

Generate Adequate Heat

Your business may also benefit from a fireplace because it will produce sufficient heat for your guests during the colder seasons.

Fires typically aren’t used as the only source of heat in most modern buildings. However, they can easily serve as a secondary source of heat.

Commercial Electric fireplaces are especially handy in that they provide a large amount flexibility and control as far as temperature is concerned. For instance, you can reduce the heat when your commercial building’s room becomes full of people and you are worried about your guests become overheated.

In addition, you can increase the heat to rapidly heat up an open, cold space.

Commercial Grade Fireplace by Element 4

Provide Versatility

Finally, one of the top benefits of commercial fireplaces is that they work in wide range of business settings.

For instance, you can add a fireplace to a retail floor to make customers feel at home. Likewise, a fireplace can improve the experience of a waiting room.

In fact, research shows that patients wait for an average of 18 minutes in waiting rooms in the United States. A waiting room with a stylish and pleasant fireplace can make this wait time feel much shorter for guests.

Fireplaces can also go well in offices and bars, among other types of establishments.

Outdoor Commercial Fireplace under pergola with outdoor furniture for seating area

How We Can Help with Our Fireplaces for Commercial Buildings

As you seek to elevate the feel and look of your commercial space, you may be thinking about installing a fireplace in your business. Fortunately, fireplaces in commercial buildings can keep customers coming back and help companies to stay competitive.

At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we are proud to offer a number of commercial fireplaces to take your business’s atmosphere to the next level.

Get in touch with us to find out more about all of our business fireplace options, and schedule an installation today!

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